Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council – AGM Minutes 2015


Minutes of Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council Annual General meeting held in the Pavilion, Muir of Ord, on Tuesday 11 June 2015 at 7.30 pm.

Present: Mrs Frances MacGruer (Chair), Mr David Lyall (Vice-Chair), Mr Stephen Mackenzie, Mr Mike Atkinson, Mrs Wilma Mackenzie and Annie Hingston (Minute Secretary). 

Also in attendance:

Councillor Alister MacKinnon, Councillor Angela Maclean, PC Dolina Martin

Mrs F MacGruer in the Chair

The Chair opened the meeting. 

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were intimated on behalf of Councillors Graham Mackenzie and Margaret Paterson. 

  1. Minutes of Previous AGM Meeting 

Minutes of the previous AGM held on 1 July 2014 were proposed by Mr David Lyall and seconded by Mrs Wilma Mackenzie.

  1. Chairperson’s Annual Report 

Mrs Frances MacGruer started by saying a huge thanks to everyone once again for their support over the last year. Although few in numbers, she hoped that the numbers will increase to full capacity at next elections. Although she did feel that the Councillors should still continue to raise the profile of the Community Council at every opportunity.

Mrs MacGruer continued to say that she did struggle within the role of chair to commit the time the job truly deserves, due to other committee work within the community, her family and work life. She continually felt that she should allocate more time to fulfil the job adequately. At this point, although she is happy to continue until the elections in November, she would happily step down now in order for anyone willing to give this job the time it so truly deserves to benefit the community.

In this last year Mrs MacGruer reported that we have been lucky to have settled as a committee with committed members, transpiring into steady attendances at the meetings, which makes decision making so much easier. She would especially like to thank our elected members for their attendance, wealth of knowledge and hard work during this year, a special thank you to Councillor Maclean for her persistence with the issue of the derelict buildings on the High Street. She also extended her thanks to Di Agnew for her help and support over the past year, especially with the monument and burial ground clean up.

Mrs MacGruer said it is exciting to know that in the year ahead we have a confirmed date for the start of the village’s new bridge and alongside this project we shall see the 20 mph zone complete, which will make the centre of the village safer for the community in general, but especially the children walking to school.

She continued to say that we have also been successful in receiving funding, to develop and make safer the lower standing platform and make more standing area at the War Memorial, SSE employees have applied for Community Heart Days to complete these works and this will start in August. She said that she was hopeful to continue this project and develop a seated area within the garden for residents of all ages to reflect and enjoy.

Mrs MacGruer reported that the Community Council had successfully tidied up the Burial Ground at Urray after the storms and I thank the community for coming out to support this. She also thanked Mike for his hard work in achieving the square to square route, well done.

Mrs MacGruer said that she thought all in all the Community Council have had a fairly active and successful year with positive outcomes to the benefit of the residents of our Community.

  1. Annual Financial Statement 

Mr Stephen Mackenzie distributed copies of the draft accounts for the year. Income during the year was £35,000 for the Square to Square project, £1000 Windfarm Micro Grant and £1814.71 Annual Grant from the Highland Council. Expenditure during the year was £1000 for Micro Grants and £635.00 to cover Administration. He reported that the balance in the Bank was £41,630.43

Mr Mackenzie thanked Mr Robert English for handing over the accounts half way through the year well organised and up-to-date. Mrs Frances MacGruer thanked him.

  1. Appointment of Office Bearers

Councillor Alister Mackinnon took charge of the meeting at this point. Councillor Mackinnon asked for nominations for:

Chairperson: Mrs Wilma Mackenzie proposed Mrs Frances MacGruer and this was seconded by Mr Stephen Mackenzie.

Vice Chairperson:   Mrs Frances MacGruer proposed Mr David Lyall and this was seconded by Mr Mike Atkinson

Treasurer: Mr Mike Atkinson proposed Mr Stephen MacKenzie and this was seconded by Mrs Wilma Mackenzie

Secretary: Mrs Frances MacGruer announced to the meeting that Annie Hingston had resigned as Secretary and so the Community Council will be advertising for a new secretary.

Councillor Alister Mackinnon said that on behalf of the Highland Councillors thanked all the Community Councillors for their hard work for the Community. He said that it was a very important platform with all that is going on within the Muir and he hoped that after the elections to get the Community Council back up to full strength.

Mrs Frances MacGruer thanked Councillor Mackinnon for taking over the meeting.

Mrs Frances MacGruer said she was extremely sorry to see Annie Hingston go and thanked her for her service and support. Annie Hingston said that if possible she would stay until the meeting in September. 

  1. Dates of Future Meetings

 The dates are as follows:

10 September 2015; 8 October 2015; 12 November 2015; 10 December 2015; 11 February 2016; 10 March 2016; 14 April 2016; 12 May 2016; 9 June 2016 AGM & Normal Meeting

Councillor Alister Mackinnon asked Annie Hingston to send the dates to Di Agnew at the Highland Council.