Making Muir of Ord Stand Out – News

Following the Bags of Help vote @Tesco_Scotland stores, our project came second and has been chosen by Tesco customers to receive a grant award of £10,000.00. This will enable us to make significant improvements to the greenspace around the Village Hall and the four road access points.

The Hall and Facilities Company and the Gardening Club teamed up to make the application and have already met to make a plan for delivering the project.   We are grateful to our residents and our business community for their offers of practical and specialist assistance which will help to achieve best value for the funding.

There is a collective theme of enhancing and identifying the village’s key buildings and boundaries to make the environment more welcoming and attractive for residents and visitors.

Here is what you can expect to see in the New Year –

  • Signs, planters, plants, fencing and a gate at the Village Hall
  • One planter, in the same style as those in the square, at each of the entrances to the Muir of Ord 1) from Beauly, in front of the Muir of Ord stone 2) from Dingwall, near to Chapelton Farm 3) from Ullapool, on the West Road 4) from Tore, on the opposite side from Blair of Tarradale.
  • A bench to provide a rest place for people making the walk between Urray House and the square
  • Plans for a celebratory event to be held in the spring

This project’s timing means that it will become visible as the Muir Hub opens, the bridge continues to take shape, and the building opposite the square becomes a residential and retail space once again.  It adds to the momentum of the many good things happening in the Muir of Ord.

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For more information, contact Nina Graham, Company Development Manager at the Hall & Facilities Company on 01463 872807 or by email or call into our office at the Village Hall.