Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council – Approved February 2017 minutes


Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council




   Pavilion, Muir of Ord

Thursday 9TH February 2017 @ 7.30pm

Present:          Frances MacGruer (FM); Stephen Mackenzie (SM); Carol Blanchard (CB)


Others:            Cllr Angela Maclean (AM), Cllr Graham Mackenzie (GM) Cllr Margaret Paterson (MP), Irene Macleod (IM), Moira Chalmers, Annie Morrison, Joan Munro, Dave Allison,


Jo Ellen (Minutes)




Apologies for Absence & Welcome


There were apologies from Paul Whitham (PW); Jem Taylor (JT); Mike Atkinson (MA) & Cllr Alister MacKinnon (AMK)



Minutes of Previous meeting (Thursday 8h December 2016)

The minutes were proposed as a true reflection by SM and seconded by FM.



Matters Arising from Minutes


New Christmas Lights


FM advised that she did report to Stuart Bruce at HC that some of the Christmas lights were not working, but it appeared that they were not fixed.  FM requested that the lights are tested soon so it can be established if any new ones are required.   It would also be helpful while doing this, to work out the best way to get power to the new planter near the Golf Club when this is installed.  Cllr AM will chase this up with Stuart Bruce.



Access to Old Railway Path (off Hawthorn Drive)


FM read out an update from MA.  He met the landowners, the Mackays about installing a gate on path. They are keen and will pay for a gate,  if the CC pay for its installation.  MA has asked SM to find a Fencer to look at the area and suggest an appropriate stock proof gate. At the exit from this field walkers are also climbing over the fence into Burton Estate land. The Mackays will contact them and ask about the potential for a further gate being installed, to allow exit from the field without damaging the fence (this is now not stock proof due walkers getting their dogs through). MA will provide an update at the next meeting.



Urray Cemetery Update


Gllr GM advised that following discussion with HC it has been agreed that they will be flexible about whether the large gates at Urray Cemetery can be left open or locked at certain times.  A discussion took place on ways that the gate could be open, but access to vehicles prevented.   FM advised that another meeting with Hugh Gardner (HC Amenities Manager) and Andy Summers (Head of Environmental and Amenity Services) will be taking place on site and the options for what is best can be discussed then. An update will be given at the next meeting.


MOO to Conon Bridge cycle path feasibility report


FM confirmed that the CC is now in possession of the report. Cllr AM advised that HC are working on this project and are seeking information on the landowners along the route.   SM offered to help with this if required.




Defibrillators – Possible Locations


MA gave an update by email.  He has looked at the residential populations and attempted to model the locations where most properties are as close as possible to either the Golf Club or one of 2 other defibrillators.  From the analysis, it appears that a location along the West Road, possibly the Church/ Church Hall would be most suitable for one.   MA will bring more information to the next meeting so this can be discussed further.


FM reported that the Co-op are happy to have the other Defibrillator (donated by a member of the public) located at their shop in MOO.  She is now liaising with Lucky2BHere who are supplying the equipment and will conduct the necessary training to get this installed.



SIMD and crime rates in MOO


MA will contact Muir Matters directly so an article can be placed about the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD).



Vulcan Cottage


FM has spoken with the Cleaner of Vulcan Cottage who confirmed that she only cleans the public areas of the property and is not involved in any other tasks.   PC MacDonald has also advised that there is CCTV in the property and this is used by the owners to ensure that any bad behaviour can be captured. They apparently operate a strict policy of evicting any individuals who have broken  the rules.



HGV Issues – Contact with Steven Barron


FM will progress this before the next meeting.



Vision for MOO Square


MA was unable to attend the Hub opening in January and outline his vision of the square.  The way forward can be discussed at the next meeting.



Mackenzie Bequest Update


FM advised that she is still waiting for an update from Di Agnew about the Mackenzie Bequest.  Cllr AM also reported that she is having difficulty getting any information about this.  FM assured those present that the CC will get to the bottom of this.



Cleaning of Village Entry Stone & Square Clock


SM advised that the power washing of the large stone at the Golf Club entrance to the village will be done when the worst of the winter is over.    The clock in the square has been cleaned.



Pavement on Great North Road


Cllr AM & Cllr GM advised that they raised the poor state of the pavement with HC.  Both acknowledged that this will not be given top priority at present as there are more pressing road issues for HC to deal with.   However Cllr AM has spoken to the developer of the Old Urray House site and it may be possible for them to assist with pavement repairs near the end of their project.   



Castlehill Carpark Dumping Issue


Cllr AM reported this problem to HC after the last CC meeting, but on checking today found that the dumped waste is still in the carpark. She will chase this again.   FM suggested that an article be submitted to Muir Matters to highlight this issue as it is causing considerable stress to local residents. Joan Munro agreed this would be possible and will help with this.



Police Report


FM advised that PC MacDonald was unavailable so gave the following report for crimes and offences between 01/12/16 and 01/02/17 which have been detected and non-detected:


·         14 – Road Traffic Offences

·         2 – Persons charged with Possession of Drugs

·         1 – Fixed Penalty for Anti-Social Behaviour

·         7 – Assistant and Advice Calls

·         Officers dealt with non-criminal complaints also



FM advised that she has spoken to PC MacDonald regarding a number of issues affecting the village including several instances of vandalism and damage to the Skate Park.  Those present expressed dismay at the treatment of the latter, which is a great facility for the young people of the area.  A wider discussion took place about this issue with those present relaying a number of stories of vandalism, egg throwing and general bad behaviour. PC MacDonald advised that the problem is particularly bad on Friday nights and the local Youth Clubs have been asked to try to keep the youngsters inside during these sessions.  It was acknowledged however that the problem is not just down to locals.   FM assured those present that the CC will continue to liaise  with the Police who are carrying out extra patrols in the area as a result of the problems discussed.


FM also raised with PC MacDonald about speeding on Balvaird Road. Speed checks will now be carried out in the area.



Financial Report




SM gave details of the account as of 31/01/17.  The account balance at present is £30,555.64.



Fairburn Wind Farm Fund


SM also gave an update on the change to the distribution of the Fairburn Wind Farm Fund.  It was confirmed that grants between £250 – £1000 will be available to MOO groups and clubs and the application form should go live next week.  Decisions on these applications will be made by the Fairburn Community Fund Panel and the next meeting is on Monday 24th April (the application deadline for this round is 27th February).  These grants will be open to constituted bodies and they will be able to apply once a year to the Fund if they wish.  The Panel meet 3 times a year.   FM and SM will work together to provide an article for the next Muir Matters edition.



Microgrant Applications


FM advised that there were two Microgrant applications to consider:

·         Tarradale Primary School – Have requested £250 to buy seeds, plants and flowers for the garden.

·         Inverness & District Model Railway Club – Have requested £250 to repair and paint the outside walls of the Drill Hall on Seaforth Road which they have recently taken over.


Both applications were agreed in full.



Update – Community Groups


Hall & Facilities Company


FM was happy to report that the Hub is now open and is a fantastic asset for the community.


Cllr GM was pleased to advise that an application for £50,000 to the HC Discretionary Fund (to upgrade the kitchen facilities in the Village Hall) has been successful.  FM confirmed that the improvement work on the Hall should be starting shortly and will improve the facilities greatly.



Gardening Club


IM gave an update on how the group plan to spend the Tesco Bags of Help grant that was successfully awarded at the end of 2016.   The 4 large planters for the village entrances have now been ordered and will arrive in 4-6 weeks.  George Leslie Ltd have kindly agreed to prepare the ground for the planters so minimal work and expense is required on this.  All present were very grateful to George Leslie Ltd for this (and for the many other unpublicised jobs they have done). Two signs for the Village Hall have been designed and will be paid for with the grant.  In addition Nina Graham is currently getting quotes for fencing at the Hall.   Finally IM advised that a steel bench will be bought and located on a strip of grass on Great North Road, near Golf Terrace.   The Cllrs present suggested IM  notify HC of this as a courtesy (as they are the landowner) but did not feel that planning permission would be necessary. Other items that were listed on the grant application will be prioritised depending on how much money remains when the larger items are purchased.



SM advised that the planter on Great North Road (coming from the Conon Bridge direction) is not on HC land, as previously understood. SM will contact the landowner, Lochluichart Estate to seek permission, so this can hopefully be located as planned.



Update – Planning Issues: Corry Road, Lochan Corr


Corry Road


Cllr AM has spoken to Cairn Housing Association and they are planning to resubmit their plans for 10 houses in April, but with a crucial change – access will be via Corry Road.  All present agreed this is a positive outcome for the residents of Corrie Gardens and Corrie Terrace.



Lochan Corr


FM reported that a meeting took place between Tracy Sinclair, Head Teacher of Tarradale Primary school and the developer to discuss access to the Lochan Corr development via an area of the school grounds.  This request was rejected and there has been no update since.



Update – Vulcan Cottage


See Matters Arising.



Post Office Issues


FM advised that she has received two letters from the Post Office to notify of the closure of the MOO facility and apologise for this.  They are now looking to restore the service in the village and are exploring options for this.  For any solution found a six week consultation period will take place before a final decision can be made and the Post Office reopened.



Urray Cemetery


FM advised that Cllr AMK has been working hard with the HC Director of Community Services, William Gilfillan and the families involved to ensure all grave stones and tributes in the cemetery adhere to HC regulations.   A further update will be given at the next meeting.



Village Square – Going Forward


This item was not discussed as MA was not present.



Moo Food


SM read out an update from Emma Whitham: 


Work is progressing behind the scenes with business planning, site design and funding applications – albeit slowly.   MOO Food has presented the MOO Community Association with a proposal (by email) to rent 3 acres of land at the Carnaclasair Recreational Ground for a minimum of 10 years at a rent of £1 per year.   It is very likely there will be a public meeting soon regarding this proposal to give the community an opportunity to comment/object.


CB gave SM her business card to give to Emma so she can make contact about publicity for this project.





Your Community Your Cash


FM highlighted that the CC were not informed of the funding which has come from the Ward Discretionary Fund and the Scottish Government which is to be given out to groups in the Dingwall and Seaforth Council Ward, which includes MOO.  Cllr GM advised that any group (even non-constituted and CC’s) can apply to the fund (to a maximum of £2,000) via an on-line application available from the HC website.  The closing date is 24th February 2017.  There will then be an event at Ben Wyvis Primary on Saturday 11th March where all the applicants will be asked to give a short presentation on their project.  Following this all those present will be given the opportunity to vote on who they think should get the money.   



Christmas Lights


FM advised that she has been in touch with Blanchere Illuminations about new Christmas lights and they have been very helpful.  They had a ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offer on in January which they will extend if an order is placed soon.  A discussion took place on what is needed with the feeling that purchasing 3 or 4 good lights for the square would be best.  The lights which have been previously located there could be moved elsewhere in the village.   IM suggested that projector style lights would also be nice in the square.   SM and FM will discuss this further and an application will go to the Fairburn Fund to cover the costs.





FM advised that the CC have received two consultation documents recently.  Both have been circulated round CC members who have been encouraged to respond with their thoughts:

·         A consultation on the future of the Scottish Planning System

·         Budget Consultation (budget 2017 to 2018)





FM expressed dismay at the number of banners put up for birthdays and other celebrations in the village which are not removed promptly after the date/event.   Following a request from FM,  Joan Munro agreed to include an article on this in the next edition of Muir Matters.



Accident Black Spot


FM reported that following two car accidents outside Chapelton Farm during the Christmas period the Farmer, Jock Johanssen has contacted HC to seek improvements to the section of road in question.  He has also requested CC support with this which FM is happy to provide.



Tesco Bags of Help Update


IM advised that Tesco have changed their grant scheme since the Gardening Club’s successful grant application last year.  Now each month, three projects in each Tesco area will receive funding for local projects ranging from £1,000 to £5,000.  Smaller sums can also be applied for and CC’s can make an application.    SM will speak to Nina Graham to see if there is anything this CC can apply for.



Comments from Dave Allison


A number of issues were raised by Dave Allison:

·         Stickers on lampposts – A number of SNP/Green Party stickers have been left on local lampposts.  Despite writing to MSP’s and MP’s from both parties,  they have not been removed.

·         Muddy Path – He has spoken to Tracy Sinclair from Tarradale Primary about the state of the path in the park between Balvaird Road, the Doctors Surgery and the School.   Mud is being taken in on shoes to both the School and Surgery.

·         The Pavement on Black Isle Road – This is very narrow in places and dangerous for pedestrians, including children walking to school.   FM advised that this issue is being addressed with HC.

·         Bridge Project – The width of the new bridge and number of local workers was queried. 


FM stopped Dave Allison at this point as his tone and line of questioning was felt to be inappropriate.



Date of Next Meeting


Thursday 9th March 2017 @ 7.30 pm at the Pavilion, Muir of Ord



The meeting finished at 8.40pm










Cllr AM

To chase Stuart Bruce about the Christmas Lights that are not working




To provide an update on the Old Railway Path issue



Cllr AMK

To provide an update on the locking of the gates at the Urray Cemetery




To provide more information of where the 3rd defibrillator should be located.




To provide information for a Muir Matters article on SIMD and crime rates in MOO




To contact Steve Barron at HC about the HGV problem in MOO




To provide an update on the Mackenzie Bequest



Cllr AM

To chase HC regarding the situation at Castlehill Carpark




To liaise with the Police over the recent spate of vandalism incidents




To ensure the new Fairburn Wind Farm Grants are publicised in Muir Matters

By 10/02/17



To contact Lochluichart Estate regarding the placement of a planter at the Conon Bridge entrance to the village



Cllr AMK

To provide an update on the controversial grave stone at the Urray Cemetery




To pass on CB’s business card to Emma Whitham at MOO Food




To discuss the Christmas Lights and apply for a Wind Farm grant



Joan Munro

To put an article in Muir Matters about banners not being taken down




To speak to Nina Graham about the Tesco Bags of Help grants