Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council – Approved March 2017 Minutes

Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council


Pavilion, Muir of Ord

Thursday 9TH March 2017 @ 7.30pm

Present:          Frances MacGruer (FM); Carol Blanchard (CB); Mike Atkinson (MA) & Wilma Mackenzie (WM)

Others:            Cllr Graham Mackenzie (GM), Irene Macleod (IM), Annie Morrison, Joan Munro, Morag Brown, Willie Bell, Caroline Bell, Deborah Hill-MacKenzie, Kenneth A MacKenzie, Jo Ellen (Minutes)


1. Apologies for Absence & Welcome
There were apologies from Stephen Mackenzie (SM); Paul Whitham (PW); Jem Taylor (JT); Cllr Jean Davis (JD); Cllr Angela Maclean (AM)
2. Minutes of Previous meeting (Thursday 9h February 2017)

The minutes were proposed as a true reflection by CB and seconded by FM.

3. Matters Arising from Minutes
  New Christmas Lights
  FM advised that Stuart Bruce at HC has been in touch regarding the faulty Christmas lights in.   She will forward on the identification numbers of the lights in question and he will investigate.
  Access to Old Railway Path (off Hawthorn Drive)
  MA reported no update since the last meeting.  This will be progressed when SM returns from holiday and gets advice on a suitable stock proof gate for the site from a local Fencer.   Once a quote is received for this it will then be put to the Farmer to see if they are happy to proceed.
  Urray Cemetery Update
  See item 10.
  Defibrillators – Possible Locations
  MA advised that the most logical location for a 3rd defibrillator (if forthcoming) will be on the West Road as the one located at the Co-op will cover the centre of the village and the current one situated at the Golf Club serves the south side. If the donation is confirmed the specific location can then be finalised.
  SIMD and crime rates in MOO
  MA will submit an article for the next edition of Muir Matters to provide details of The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) and crime rates in MOO.
  HGV Issues – Contact with Steven Barron
  FM advised that she has drafted a letter to send to Steve Barron, Chief Executive of HC and will circulate this round the CC members for their comments before sending.
  Mackenzie Bequest Update
  Cllr AM had provided an updated stating that the balance of the bequest is currently just over £106,000.  Following discussions with Hugh Gardner,  Amenities Manager, Community Services at HC it is hoped that £5,500 of this can be used for the following at Urray Cemetery:

·         repair the existing main gate to the cemetery

·         install a new vehicular gate between the old and new parts of the cemetery

·         cut back the overgrown vegetation

  Castlehill Carpark Dumping Issue
  There was no update from Cllr AM. Some of the residents from this area were in attendance and questioned why this had been raised as an issue and expressed concern at the recent article in Muir Matters.   They stated that the carpark in question has ample room for residents who need to use it to park their cars and it is not a worry for most who live in Castlehill.   They did express concern at some of the tactics being used by the residents who have complained to HC and asked what they can do about this.  FM stated that the CC cannot help with this and suggested that they report any behaviour deemed to be intimidating to the Police.
  Village Vandalism
  See item 4.
  Fairburn Wind Farm Grants Publicity
  FM confirmed that an article was put in Muir Matters to highlight the new grants available from the Fairburn Wind Farm Panel.
  Contact with Lochluichart Estate
  There was no update from SM on this issue. He will update at the next meeting.


  To discuss the Christmas Lights and apply for a Wind Farm grant
  There was no update on this issue.
  Joan Munro advised that an article regarding celebration banners (to ask for their prompt removal) will go in the next edition of Muir Matters.


4. Police Report
  FM advised that PC MacDonald was unavailable so gave the following report for crimes and offences between 01/02/17 and 01/03/17 which have been detected and non-detected:

·         7 – Road Traffic Offences / Speeding / Mobile Phone Offences

·         1 – Person charged with Possession of Drugs

·         2 – Fixed Penalty’s for Anti-Social Behaviour / Drinking in Public

·         6 – Assistant and Advice Calls

·         Officers dealt with non-criminal complaints also

  FM reported that she had a detailed conversation with PC MacDonald in which she outlined a number of issues of concern in the village. This included several instances of vandalism and the problem of boy racers speeding through the streets on a regular basis, often well into the night.  Discussion followed, with it noted that the culprits are often known or can be easily identified.  FM urged anyone with details of those concerned to report this to the Police.  It was emphasised that the community need to report instances of petty crime, vandalism and other criminal activity as it may be the only way that the Police hear about it and can deal with it.  Cllr GM will have a word with Inspector Ogilvie to ensure he is aware of the problems too.
5. Financial Report
  There was no financial update as SM was not present.
  Microgrant Applications
  FM advised that there were two Microgrant applications to consider, both for £250 for the MOO and District Craft & Flower Show which will take place in August.   This money will cover hall rental, trophy engraving and other associated expenses. There were no objections to these being awarded, subject to confirmation from SM that there is sufficient funds in both the Fairburn and Auchmore Microgrant pots.
6. Update – Community Groups
Hall & Facilities Company
MA did not have an update, but urged those present and anyone else interested to come along to the Hall & Facilities Company AGM on Thursday 16th March at 7.30pm in the Hub.  A progress update will be given and the plans going forward,  including the merger of the Community Association into this group, will be outlined and discussed.  New Directors are needed so anyone interested in taking on this role will be welcomed.
Gardening Club
IM gave a brief update.  The planters for the village entrances should arrive this week.   Rod Mackenzie will organise storage for these until they are installed.   Before this can happen SSE need to be asked to put a trace on the electrical cables around the in the area where the planters will go. FM will speak to Trevor MacFadyen to progress this.  George Leslie Ltd will install them when this is done.
Friends of Tarradale Primary
Cllr GM advised that all local schools have been given a share of a Pupil Equality Fund.  This money is to be used by the schools to reduce the poverty related attainment gap between pupils from poorer and more affluent backgrounds.  It is hoped that this fund can help to make a significant difference and was welcomed by those present.
7. Update – Planning Issues: Corry Road, Lochan Corr
  Corry Road
  As stated at the last meeting, Cairn Housing Association are planning to resubmit their plans for 10 houses in April, with access via Corry Road.   There was no further update.
  Lochan Corr
  FM reported that there has been no updated since the developer met Tracy Sinclair, Head Teacher of Tarradale Primary school to discuss access to the development via the school grounds.  The request was rejected.
8. Update – Vulcan Cottage
  FM reported that PC MacDonald is now the Assigned Officer for this property.  If there are any issues of concern she will keep the CC informed of this.
9. Post Office Issues
  There was no update on this.
10. Urray Cemetery
  FM reported that the issues at Urray Cemetery are ongoing.  Andy Summers, Head of Environmental and Amenity Services is continuing to work with the families involved to come to a satisfactory outcome for all.  An update will be given at the next meeting.  The issue of the locked gates will come back to the CC for discussion when the other issues are resolved.
11. Village Square – Going Forward
  MA stated he is keen to promote discussion on ways in which the village square could be developed and improved.  To kick this off he has had an interactive and 3D design drawn up which he will be happy to show anyone interested (previously shown at the CC meeting in December 2016). He emphasised this is not a concrete idea or even a proposal yet, just a starting point to get the village talking.   The square if developed could be a more useable space for village activities and perhaps allow some regular events such as a market to take place.  The costs of any plan would be significant but there are funds available to help with this.  MA emphasised that this plan is to stimulate debate – maybe there is no desire for the square to be redeveloped? The next step will be to consult with the community and MA suggested that during a Gala event may be the best time to maximise numbers.


12. Moo Food
  SM read out an update from Emma Whitham:

Thank you to the Community Council for awarding a grant of £250 to Tarradale Primary School garden project.  On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th March Tesco Community volunteers along with Emma cleared up the school garden, which included general site clearance, weeding, preparation of beds and growing areas and they also brightened up the garden by painting the hut, raised beds and timber frames with vibrant primary colours.  The garden is now in a state suitable for the children to work in and learn.  Emma plans to continue to work closely with school in developing their garden.


Emma has approached the Hall and Facilities Company with a proposal to house a community fridge in the Muir Hub for retail businesses, restaurants and individuals to share perfectly good food that is edible but would otherwise go to waste.  For example, someone is going on holiday and they have milk, bread, fruit etc. leftover, so rather than bin it all they would put it in the community fridge for someone else to use.  Or another example, someone has a glut of fruit or veg that they have grown and don’t want it to be wasted, so this gives them an opportunity to share. MOO Food will secure funding (funding in principle has already been identified) to purchase and maintain the fridge and will commit to cleaning it once a week.  We would also arrange and pay for necessary insurances and take responsibility for obtaining all relevant certifications in terms of food health and safety.  This facility will be available for the whole community of Muir of Ord, anyone can give and equally any one can take.  Although this initiative will help address food waste, it will also provide social benefits; another reason to go to the Hub and meet people and it recognises the increased use of foodbanks.   The idea came from an initiative started by Jamie Oliver in the south east of England, which has proven to be hugely popular and successful with all participating communities.   This will item will be discussed at the next Hall and Facilities Company meeting. 


Emma has contacted the Highland Council to seek permission to plant fruit trees (including apple, pear, plum and cherry) at School Loch park.  This site is owned by the Highland Council Community Services department and initial enquiries have been made to seek an agreement.  Emma has engaged Ward Manager Di Agnew in this request.  Funding in principle has been identified to purchase and maintain trees.  The idea behind this proposal is that the trees planted would be a community wide asset/resource and everyone in the village would be encouraged to enjoy.


Emma is due to present at the Hall and Facilities AGM next week (16th March).  The main purpose of this presentation will be to formally seek community approval to sub lease a 3 acre site at Carnaclasair Recreational Ground from the Community Association to create a community food garden. 

Later Update:  I have an update to info I sent yesterday. The Hall and Facilities Company have advised the Muir Hub cannot house community fridge as there is no space. I will have to think of plan B now.

13. Dog Fouling – Lily Loch Area
  MA advised that there has been some dismay highlighted recently about the amount of rubbish and especially dog fouling in the recreational area near Lily Loch.   This has been discussed at length by some individuals on Facebook and solutions need to be found.   MA advised that a group called the MOO Environmental Group was set up some years ago and used to organise village tidy ups which were quite effective.  This group no longer exists but there is approximately £1000 and some equipment  remaining (litter pickers, etc) which could be used if willing volunteers could be found.   MA is aware of three people in the village who may be interested in organising this and he will facilitate a meeting between them. FM also advised that it may be possible to get assistance with a clear up from the SSE Community Heart Scheme.  Her husband will investigate this and she will report back.
14. AOB
  Defibrillator Training
  FM advised that the defibrillator will be installed at the Co-op in MOO shortly.  Lucky2BHere are keen to train 12 – 15 people to use it.  After a brief discussion, it was agreed that FM should approach local businesses (located close to the Co-op) to see if they would like to have any of their staff trained.
  Local Fire Plan for Highland
  FM advised that The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are currently reviewing the Local Fire Plan for Highland.  This review will consider the priorities and objectives set within the existing plan and how well the service has performed against them.  The review will also seek to understand areas for improvement and opportunities to change to meet the needs of communities. Feedback from this review will help to inform the new Local Fire Plan for 2017-2020.   A survey relating to this has been circulated round CC members for them to complete and submit.
  Survey of community councillors’ information literacy
  FM briefly mentioned this survey which is aiming to understand whether and how information literacy contributes to community councillors’ work.  If anyone else would like to see this FM will forward it on to them.
  Proposed Mobile Phone Mast
  FM advised that following the CC objecting to the proposed location of a Mobile Phone Mast, Galliford Try have been in touch looking to meet a representative of the CC on site.   JT has been dealing with this but FM did not have an update to report.
  Square to Square Cycle Path
  WM queried what the situation is with the small section of Square to Square cycle path (yet to be completed) after the news that Simpsons have put the development site at the Cairns up for sale.   Part of the planning conditions of this development was that the cycle path would be completed by them.  MA advised that if anyone else buys this land installing the path will still be a planning condition.   If this option is not possible however other ways of completing the project can be looked into including using the verge to create the path.  He was still positive that this section will be completed in due course.
  Local Government Elections
  Cllr GM advised that due to the election taking place on Thursday 4th May the four current local Cllrs (and whoever is subsequently elected) will not be in attendance at CC meetings until after this date.  The current Cllrs have now had their last HC meeting. He thanked the CC on behalf of the other three for all the hard work that has been done and all that has been achieved.  In return FM thanked all the Cllrs for their support and dedication during their last term of office.
  Golf Club Bushes
  CB raised the issue of the bushes that line the road on the edge of the golf course on Great North Road.   These are messy and do not give an attractive entrance to the village.  It was agreed that FM will write to the Golf Club to congratulate them being voted Scottish Golf Club of the Year and politely ask them to tidy up this area.
  Tarradale Primary Eco Friendly Garden
  WM advised that Tarradale Primary Nursery have got through to the final of the Eco Friendly Garden competition.  FM will pass on the CC’s congratulations to them.
14. Date of Next Meeting
  Thursday 13th April 2017 @ 7.30 pm at the Pavilion, Muir of Ord

The meeting finished at 8.30pm



Ref Who Action When
1 Cllr AM To give Stuart Bruce details of the Christmas Lights that are not working ASAP
2 MA To provide an update on the Old Railway Path issue ASAP
3 MA To provide information for a Muir Matters article on SIMD and crime rates in MOO ASAP
4 FM To circulate a letter to  Steve Barron at HC about the HGV problem in MOO to CC members for comment ASAP
5 SM To contact Lochluichart Estate regarding the placement of a planter at the Conon Bridge entrance to the village ASAP
6 Joan Munro To put an article in the next Muir Matters about celebration banners ASAP
7 Cllr GM To speak to Inspector Dave Ogilvie about the current issues of concern in the village ASAP
8 Cllr AMK To provide an update on the controversial grave stone at the Urray Cemetery ASAP
9 FM To speak to SSE to get them to trace the electricity cables close to where the new planters will be located ASAP
10 MA / FM MA to try to facilitate a meeting between three individuals who may be interested in organising a village tidy-up at the Lily Loch area. FM to see if SSE can help ASAP
11 FM To ask businesses close to the Co-op if they would like to get staff trained on the new defibrillator ASAP
12 JT To advise of his discussions with Galliford Try regarding the proposed mobile phone mast Next Meeting
13 FM To write a letter to the Golf Club and ask them to tidy the bushes along Great North Road ASAP
14 FM To write to Tarradale Primary School to congratulate them on making the finals of the Eco Friendly Garden competition ASAP