Update on ‘Making the Muir of Ord Stand Out’ – planters

Our Tesco Bags of Help (www.tesco.com/bags of help) project, ‘Making the Muir of Ord Stand Out’ is now well underway.

Three of our four ‘Muir of Ord’ planters are now on display and in full bloom at the three of the entrance roads into the village.  An ideal site has been identified for the fourth planter which has been approved by Highland Council and has enthusiastic neighbour support.   We are looking at the ground preparation works required to install that planter.  A bench and four whisky barrel planters filled with flowers have been installed at Golf Terrace.

If you have not seen them already, please have a look when you are passing by.  They really are impressive even though we still have some work to do to tidy up the ground around them.  It has taken a lot of work, even to get this far.  Members of our community have volunteered their time to help enhance the look of the village, including children on their school holidays.  We hope that seeing the visible results of your efforts will make you smile and encourage others to get involved.  Although the Gardening Club have led on delivering the project, they are fully occupied with their own regular activities.  Volunteers are required to take care of the ongoing maintenance of feeding, planting and watering.  People are invited to ‘adopt’ a planter, especially if they live close to one.  To those of you who have already offered, thank you.

Special mention goes to Irene MacLeod who has been instrumental in making this project happen, from rallying support to advising on what to buy and planning the floral displays.   Irene’s energy and ideas have been invaluable in keeping up the momentum when we have hit unforeseen delays.  The knowledge and hard work contributed by Roy Cleaver and Eleanor Innes is also much appreciated.

Look out for the Muir of Ord Gardening Club’s updates on Facebook.

This is the planter situated behind the Glen Ord Distillery