Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council – Approved December 2017 Minutes

Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council

The Muir Hub, Muir of Ord
Thursday 14th December 2017 @ 7.30pm

Present: Mike Atkinson (MA); Stephen Mackenzie (SM); Carol Blanchard (CB); Paul Whitham (PW)
Others: None

1. Apologies for Absence & Welcome
There were apologies from Frances MacGruer (FM), Cllr Alister MacKinnon (AMK), Wilma Mackenzie (WM), Cllr Graham MacKenzie (GM), Cllr Angela Maclean (AM)

2. Minutes of Previous meeting (Thursday 12th October 2017)
This was deferred until the next meeting.

3. Matters Arising from Minutes
New Christmas Lights
SM advised that Tom at the Garage does have set of Christmas lights which he will locate and pass on. An update will be given at the next meeting.

Access to Old Railway Path (off Hawthorn Drive)
MA will update at the next meeting – but has a meeting planned with a contractor in the week following the meeting.

Ord Road Update
Only one instance of a HGV travelling down the road has been noted since the last meeting

Industrial Estate Noise Disturbance
Building works are nearing completion in the area where the bird scarers were set last year. MA will approach Nor Power on completion of this work to raise the issue.

Mackenzie Bequest
There was no update on this action. MA will update at the next meeting.

Possible Early CC Election
A further discussion was had – culminating in agreement that we should continue with the limited membership of the CC as it seems to be continuing to be effective.

War Memorial Lighting
No further update

Contact with Golf Club
FM will update at the next meeting.

Village Defibrillators
An update on the latest position with each of the promised defibrillators is required. When the information is available an article to publicise the position and availability of these facilities will be prepared for Muir Matters. Additionally – signage will be sourced to identify their location.

4. Police Report
There was no Police Report submitted. As this is the second consecutive month – MA will check the reason for this with PC MacDonald.

5. Financial Report
SM presented updated figures (to be updated)

Microgrant Applications

6. Update – Community Groups
Halls & Facilities Company
MA gave a summary of an update from Nina Graham, the Company Development Manager:
• The Village Hall will close for 4 months for refurbishment early in the new year
• Alternative venues and facilities are being offered to current users and new bookings are bing advised of the closure.

MA gave a summary of an update from Hannah McSween, the Community Development Manager:
• General update on Hub activities
7. Update – Planning Issues
Nothing this month

8. Roads, Paths & Safety Issues
Comments raised before the meeting about the state of pavements and residential roads around the village led to an extended discussion. A statement for Highland Council was provided identifying the current situation and pointing out the very small budget available for winter maintenance, the particular recent circumstances – and the priorities for gritting agreed last year.

In summary, pavements and footways are the last priority for clearance – we may not agree with this but priorities identified in the programmes for gritting are adhered to – if there is not enough time to deal with the third priorities before work is required again on priority 1 and 2 – then they are not done until time becomes available.

If we want an improvement in the situation – then we will have to do it ourselves (see 9. Below)

9. Community Action
PW agreed to approach HC to identify of any equipment (manual hand pushed grit spreaders, snow shovels and grit) could be made available at strategic or problematic locations. This does appear to be available through the council. Further enquiries will be made. SM offered to host such equipment in the summer months.

10. Post Office Issues
No Further update

11. Village Square – Going Forward
MA advised that he received 100 responses to the questionnaire circulated around the village. These will now be analysed and a report produced.

12. Moo Food Update

13. AOB

14. Date of Next Meeting
Thursday 11th January 2018 @ 19:30 in the Hub, Muir of Ord.

The meeting finished at 20:50

Ref Who Action When
1 SM To update on the Christmas lights stored at the Garage ASAP
2 MA To provide an update on the Old Railway Path issue after meeting a Contractor on site ASAP
3 MA To contact the Power Yard to check if they will be using bird scarers in the future. ASAP
4 MA To investigate further the Mackenzie Bequest and the West Church Tomb Account ASAP
5 Cllr AM To give an update on the War Memorial Lighting ASAP
6 FM To contact the Golf Club Green Keeper to see if they are prepared to adopt the Gateway and planter on Great North Road ASAP
7 MA To ensure the use-by dates in the Co-op Defibrillator are checked and dates for replacements diarised ASAP
8 MA/FM To liaise about the other Defibrillators promised to the village ASAP
9 MA To contact PC MacDonald about the lack of a Police Report and also about the Motorbikers on the Black Isle Show Ground ASAP
10 MA To check the situation with the Beauly Firth Loop Signage to see if it is all installed ASAP