My Well-being and Me

Join a Free Well Now group near you.

Find  out about how to improve your health without the misery of dieting.

Our approach is your health for your size. Develop a healthy relationship with food.

Well Now is an eight week course that helps people feel better about their eating and weight using a non-diet approach with the aim of helping you to:

  • Feel more positive about your body
  • Learn about enjoyable nutritious eating
  • Discover how to use your body’s signals

We will be running a Well Now course in partnership with Moo Food for eight weeks at The Muir Hub from 1pm – 3pm on the following dates

  • Wednesday 31st of October
  • Wednesday 7th of November
  • Wednesday 14th of November
  • Wednesday 21st of November
  • Wednesday 28th of November
  • Wednesday 5th of December
  • Wednesday 12th of December
  • Wednesday 19th of December

For further details or to book a place please contact.

Fiona on 07966 262103 or by e-mail

The Well Now course was designed by Well Founded organisation, and delivered by NHS/The Highland Council by trained and experienced facilitators.

My Well Being And Me