Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council – Approved December 2018 Minutes

Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council


  The Muir Hub, Muir of Ord

Thursday 13th December 2018 @ 7.30 pm

Present:          Mike Atkinson (MA), Frances MacGruer (FM), Carol Blanchard (CB), Jean Davis (JD),

Duncan Chisholm (DC) & Moira Chalmers (MC)

Others:            Cllr Graham MacKenzie (GM), Joan Munro, Bettie Thom, Willie Bell, Mike Ross, Jason Hasson, Rachel Butterworth (MOO Food), John Prentice and Ally Reid.

1. Apologies for Absence & Welcome
  There were apologies from Stephen Mackenzie (SM), Irene MacLeod (IM), Cllr Margaret Paterson (MP) PC James MacIver and David O’Connor (Owner of The Bank Building)  
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  The minutes of the meeting on Thursday 8th November 2018 were proposed as a true reflection by FM and seconded by JD.  
3. Matters Arising from Minutes
  Access to Old Railway Path (off Hawthorn Drive)
  MA advised that the gate will be installed on Friday 21st December.  
  MacDonald Bequest Update Update on payment to carry out Tree Officers recommendations to be carried to next meeting.  
  Village Defibrillators
  MA and DC have not progressed the production of small cards to promote the village defibrillators as yet.  This will hopefully be done for the next meeting.  
  Tree Issue at Railway Bridge MA to update at next meeting.  
  Business Breakfast
  FM/DC completed task of a thank you gift of a bottle of Glen Ord whisky to Stewart Nicol, he expressed his delight at the gesture.  
  Filter Light on the Bridge
  MA contacted lights but received no report he will chase for next meeting.  
  Broken Smiley Face on Black Isle Road
  DC reported this is now dead, not working at all, he did contact HC twice about this, to no avail. GM to highlight this in Council.  
        Fairburn Fund Small Grants Money FM to discuss the outcome of SM discussing this with SSE. Speeding Issues posted on FB page – a lot of interaction received on the subject. MA to buy 20mph stickers and distribute to Great North Road residents.  Article to follow up in Muir Matters.  Betty Thom added that the Distillery have spoken to the haulage companies that serve them, on coming through the village and she has noticed the difference on Black Isle Road.   Eggs/Stones Throwing Incidents Community Police Officer has had reports of this recently.  He has said to please keep reporting as if they are local, they will certainly deal with the matter.  This was posted on FB page although there was plenty of interest not much interaction. Jason Hasson reported he has the same problem in Culloden where he polices, they spoke to the shop owners on this and they have stopped selling the kids eggs, it might be worth approaching the shops.  There was vandalism reported to the police at the weekend, so the valued advice is keep reporting incidents.   Skate Park – Dog Poo Bin MA spoke to HC on the Mill & Mix bin at the Skate Park as it is overflowing with dog poo, they will not move this and to get it lifted by another company the cost would be in excess of £200.  Ally Reid suggested speaking to Ord Industrial to see if they would do it with their toilet cleaning machine.  SM offered to shift on machine to point of access for HC lorry.  
4.   Police Report MA read out the Police Report which detailed Police activities in the area between 05/11/18 and 13/12/18.  During this time there were 52 logged calls received, breaking down as:   3 – Theft (minor) 4 – Disorder (all minor)4 – Vandalism2 – Fraud (counterfeit money & internet purchase)4 – Domestic1 – Drugs (Youth)9 – Court Matters (fines/warrants/bail)1 – Sexual Assault (ongoing enquiry, although no perceived risk to the wider public)Several community safety/road safety checks logged17 – Road Traffic offencesSeveral miscellaneous incidents/advice calls   The driver of the black Audi A3 using Ord Road has been spoken to regarding the manner of his driving.   There have been a few patrols carried out in the Orchard, School and Skate Park areas, in an attempt to deter youths/anti-social behaviour and there appears to be a reduction in such calls this month.   Static road safety checks have been carried out highlighting the minor road traffic offences.   Enquiries ongoing to the recent reports of vandalism to fencing panels at the Bowling Club and Corrie Road.  
5. Financial Report
  There was no update on the accounts.  
  Microgrant Applications
  Applications received for considering:-   MOO Movers & Shakers – Fairburn application for £250 – the development of Tea & blether sessions, lunch club and film afternoon funds.   MOO Rovers  – Fairburn Application – £500 – Equipment & Storage Upgrade – Storage facility for holding new goals goals approx. cost £3000.00 Auchmore Application – £250–towards purchasing set of mobile goals approx. cost £3000.00.   It was agreed by all present to pay all grants in full.  
6. Update – Community Groups MOO Food Rachel from Moo Food explained for those who know nothing about the group that they are a social enterprise run by volunteers.  In April the Scottish Government gave them money to develop 3 posts, all part time, of which she is one.  These employees have been working with the volunteers to develop community engagement, successful events include Family Open Day, Community BBQ & Picnic, Bug Hotel building all at the Orchard.  There has been continued involvement with the school including the poly tunnels and Grace’s garden and they are also interested in the building of a Bug Hotel.  The teachers are keen to include this in the curriculum for all classes.   The Community Fridge – is volunteer run and checked daily.  Most of the businesses have also embraced this project with food donated from them all.  You will also find food harvested from the Orchard and other items donated by Community members.  This project is well used as all the food from the fridge is used.   The Orchard also had a visit from bee keepers.  Also educating through food, cooking with apples from the orchard.  Forest Food Fun has also been introduced to families at Clash Wood to see if a Forest Classroom would be successful, this was well attended and all present happy to pay for this service.   They are also working with the Job Centre through Universal Credit scheme to boost esteem and confidence, the same applies to the Mental Health group, they have had great successes from this group.   Next Year their aim is to have the same as last year but hoping to develop a youth group and interact with uniformed groups.      Funding is being sought to develop Community Dinners, along with the support of Artysans, they plan to hold this in the hall for Guides/Mental Health Group/Sheltered Housing residents.   Mulbuie & Marybank schools have also asked for the help of Moo Food in developing the pupil’s skills.   Although all involved are very enthusiastic time is proving to be very challenging.    MA invited all present, to ask Rachel any questions, there was much discussed including the use of the community fridge and the variety of people using it and the guards round trees in the orchard, looking messy, this will be addressed by the group.   MA thanked Rachel for her time and expressed thanks to the group for their efforts so far.   BMX track The BMX track started on 28th November and should be completed by 19th December.  The plan may need tweaking as the project progresses and is in budget at the moment and it is hoped that there is a little left for landscaping.  This track is aimed for the use of all ages and it will be publicised when the official opening will take place.  It is hoped to set a date sometime in April to make this a big event, the progress of this will be reported at the next meeting.   Senior Citizens Xmas Party FM thanked MC for her efforts in organising the event, there was a lot of new faces and all were happy with the evening yet again.  
  Halls & Facilities Company (MHFC)
  MA advised that a Co-ordinator is in place and the Hall renovations are still on target to finish mid-December, with the facility reopening to the public in January.  
7. Update – Planning Issues
  Lochan Corr, 104 houses, planning application on Black Isle Road has re-applied in principal to planning.  CC to put a letter to planning highlighting the same issues of objection as the last time – no safe route to the village.  The issue of the widening of the pavement on Black Isle road from the school to the Tarradale Hotel was highlighted, as on application the developers have stated this will be done, but concerns raised by Ally Reid & DC is that if the pavement is widened that the road width will decrease. The land is owned from the park to the Tarradale by private owners, so this can only be achieved by reducing the road width, this was stated to be 4.5m, 2 cars cannot pass in the road and legal requirements states this must be 5.5m minimum, Ally Reid pointed out that delivery vans are 2.4m width and even with new road restrictions the road cannot be decreased in size to 4.5m.  DC also asked about the smiddy tree (tree at junction of Black Isle Road onto Great North Road), the application has it taken away, but this is not on land owned by the Developers.  MA stressed if anyone has any objections to please express their concerns to Planning.   Concerns were also raised by FM that this Development Company has not completed a development in Muir of Ord before, this was confirmed by DC who stated that this has cost the HC money as they supplemented the bond and that surely this must come in to consideration in this planning conditions.   Discussion continued on the road traffic increasing on this road, but it is thought the 7.5ton restriction should alleviate this.  Increase in school role is going to put added pressure on the already full school.   GM stated that there is money available through Scottish Futures Trust in 2020/1, there are 11 school projects in Highlands listed for this, 1 of which is Tarradale Primary, decisions on this would need to be made very soon.    As part of the new village discussion Big Picture 2, these discussions need to include the requirement of a new school and options on the various pieces of land in that area, Big Picture plans discussed briefly but agreed to discuss further at the next meeting.   Jason Hasson stated he sits on Sustaining Education in the Highlands Board and the figures going forward for budgets are very alarming, money is going to be very tight.  Tarradale Primary will probably have another 2 or 3 portakabins in the next couple of years.   MA stated that the review and update of Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan for the next 5 years is starting soon.  Community views will be sought beyond the already allocated sites on the Black Isle Road and beyond the Cairns in the existing plan.  Community opinion will be required on the future shape and content of the village.  The FB page will be used along with other channels to inform and encourage the Community for their input on these forthcoming plans.   FB page to inform the Community on the planning request on Black Isle Road, to include information/HC link on objecting if need be.  
8. Royal Bank Building – Muirbank David O’Connor (building developer) was unable to attend the meeting but DC reported that the building was to be used as a Tourism dwelling.  The developer has had issues with broken windows, both the old ones before removal and the new ones that have been replaced, the Police have been informed and are aware of the issues.  David is keen to get involved in the Community and there will be cameras installed on the building in the near future.  
9. Roads, Paths & Safety Issues
  AR raised issue of trees covering street lights on Black Isle Road and Balvaird Road GM to speak to Council Officer on the subject of cutting, however MA asked if anyone would like to cut these to please do so.   DC said that the bark was across the footpath at the Railway foot bridge – MA offered to go the next day and brush it up.  
10. Community Action
  See Police Report 4.  
11. Post Office Issues No further update but it is believed to be opening in February.  
12. Moo Food Update See Community Groups 6.    
  13.   AOB Community Council reviews – boundary change request from Beauly CC, MA requested map to confirm their request.  It was agreed to look at this to simplify things and avoid complications.   DC requested opinion on a further Business Breakfast – the opinion was it worked and good to work together with our neighbouring village on this.   JD asked if there were any issues on the boundaries, maybe it is the time to look and raise these – MA advised against this as it is very heavy on admin to do this.  JD explained the reason for her question was that a lot of CC’s are amalgamating but she fully agreed with MA.   MC reported that the Dog Poo Bin at the distillery was on its side, the one on the bridge is no longer there since the completed works on the bridge, it was agreed there is a shortage of these bins within the village – MA informed us HC no longer replace these bins, there are wheelie bins situated around the village that take mixed waste.  Maybe a post on FB to feed this information to the residents and MA to investigate stickers to make residents aware of this.  
15. Date of Next Meeting
  Thursday 14th February 2018 @ 7.30 pm in the Hub, Muir of Ord.   
  The meeting finished at 9.40 pm  


Ref Who Action When
1 MA Gate installation carried out. ASAP
2 Cllr AM To update if the MacDonald Bequest will be used to pay for the Tree Officers recommendations for the Urray Cemetery ASAP
3 MA & DC To draw up a notice with the location of the MOO Defibrillators for distribution round the village ASAP
4 MA MA to speak to Network Rail about the tree blocking the light on the bridge & their Corporate & Social Responsibility Police ASAP
5 MA To update on the lack of the filter light on the new Bridge. ASAP
6 GM To update about the broken Smiley Face on Black Isle Road ASAP
7 SM To liaise with SSE about the Fairburn Fund Small Grants money ASAP
8 MA To update on the Big Picture 2 event ASAP
9 MA/JD MA to distribute 20mph stickers on Great North Road. To write an article on speeding for the next Muir Matters ASAP
10 MA To speak to Ord Industrial about emptying the poo bins at the Skate Park ASAP
11 MA Update on official BMX track opening event 14.02.19
12 MA Bark on Railway Bridge – Brush up ASAP
13 GM Update on branch cutting to clear street lighting. 14.02.19
14 JD FB post – Info on mixed waste bins ASAP