Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council – Approved May 2019 Minutes

Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council


  The Muir Hub, Muir of Ord

Thursday 9th May 2019 @ 7.30 pm

Present:          Mike Atkinson (MA) – Chair,  Frances MacGruer (FM), Stephen MacKenzie (SM) – Treasurer, Jean Davis (JD), Duncan Chisholm (DC), Moira Chalmers (MC), Carol Blanchard (CB).

Others:            Cllr Graham MacKenzie (GM), Ally & Lauren Reid, Alex Johannesen, Nan Blain, Heather Stewart, Sandy Surtees, Willie Bell, Gordon Shand, Frank Stephen, Morag Brown, Leonard Fraser & Betty Thom.

1. Apologies for Absence & Welcome
  There were apologies from Jo Ellen (minutes), Cllr Angela Maclean (AM), Cllr Margaret Paterson (MP), & PC James MacIver   MA welcomed those present to the meeting.  
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  The minutes of the meeting on Thursday 11th April 2019 were proposed as a true reflection by DC and seconded by MC.  
3. Matters Arising from Minutes
  Access to Old Railway Path (off Hawthorn Drive)
  MA reported that he got someone to do the gate.  
  MacDonald Bequest Update
  No update on payment of the Tree Officers Recommendations. To be carried forward to next meeting.  
  Tree Issue at Railway Bridge
  Tree on private land is now topped so light onto bridge is now visible.  No further action required.  
  Filter Light on the Bridge
  MA advised of explanation by Traffic Officer – if vehicle sitting at lights, this will trigger filter light to activate, if more than 1 vehicle this same sensor will again trigger.  It was commented that the time for larger vehicles from West Road turning right into the village is possibly not long enough.  
  Road Sweeper Update
  Cllr AMK will check the situation as all agreed this post is important to the area.  No update on this carry forward to next meeting.  
  Printing options for CC newsletter
  DC will establish the options and costs once the content of the May edition is confirmed.  
    Police Drop-in Sessions
  PC Maciver is on annual leave but stated within his report that he is still looking to firm up on a date for drop in sessions, various operational commitments have made this impossible to arrange at this time.  
  Restoration of path on the Burton Estate
  Alex Johannesen reported that forestry work is still ongoing.  MA hopeful of paths restoration following completion of the works, await results.  
  Blocked Gullies
  DC advised HC twice about blocked gullies on Black Isle Road with pictures, he has heard no further from HC and this week things were looking grim with the rain.  GM to take this further with HC.  
  Replacement Play Equipment Update This will be discussed further as Agenda item.   Next Business Breakfast Tbc, DC to update.   Assist Bowling Club in their Application for funding – New Security Fence Urgently Required FM assisted Heather Stewart with Wind Farm applications, although they will have to apply for larger amounts to meet their requirement and this will need to be investigated further.  Heather Stewart to discuss further with Di Agnew, Ward Manager.   Update on Big Picture 2
  MA advised that PAS quote for Big Picture 2, for a consultant from Edinburgh to host would be £2500.00, this would be a 2-day event and included reporting the results of this event.  Lauren Reid advised that there was a company CRN that did free consultations on footprint study to Communities and this might be worth looking at.
4. Police Issues
    MA read out the Police Report in the absence of PC James MacIver, which detailed police issues from 01/04/19 to 30/04/19, during this time there was 26 calls, listed below:- 3 x Theft1 x Vandalism4 x Vulnerable Adult1 x Abandoned 999 Calls3 x Domestic Incidents2 x Drugs/Intelligence11 x Advice/false calls1 x Anti-social behaviour   Several other miscellaneous calls reported.          PC MacIver reported that from the figures available it is clear to see there has been a significant drop in Anti-Social behaviour calls and it is very pleasing to see.   Unfortunately he has been unable to arrange Youth Volunteers to assist with the suggested leaflet drop.  He is still looking to firm up a date to have a drop in session at the Hub however due to various operational commitments this has not been done.   Looking ahead to the coming month they will aim to continue the pro-active patrols and community engagement work which is having a positive impact.  He will endeavour to find a suitable date and time where he will be available for a drop in session.  
5. Financial Report
  SM presented the accounts and it was reported that the balance as per Statement on 30 April 2019 was £13,298.96 with £1500.74 restricted for Micro Grants Application.   A discussion followed on the Windfarm Micro Grants – Leonard Fraser asked if all clubs were aware that both Micro and Maxi Grants were available, it was explained that it is reported in the Muir Matters. Leonard Fraser agreed limits for microgrants are good and forms are easily filled. DC to include in the newsletter.  The Maxi Grant rules are set by SSE and the application goes to the Fairburn Windfarm panel, there is £4000.00 still available from last year and another £5,000 for this year can be drawn down.  A review is due on the Fairburn Windfarm income of £19-20,000 annually, this should be discussed with the wider community to see what the desire/plan is for this money to be spent on.  It was agreed to see if Hannah would agree to a display on the Volunteers Celebration event and maybe get opinions on this – MA to discuss this with Hannah.   Further discussion took place on Developing Community Funding and the need for the possibility of a paid role to have a position to chase funds for this, as there is more pressure put onto Communities to fund themselves.  JD mentioned that SSE Sustainable Development Fund will be re-opening soon, GM also updated us on Regeneration monies to soon be available.    Fairburn Windfarm monies are also still available as they have not been drawn down, what was originally planned for a Project Officer for the hall, but the money came from another source.  However, the funding for the current Development Managers job is coming to an end and it was expressed by all concerned that the those present were extremely keen for her to continue.  DC said that there is lots of funding out there for this source but again this would be something that would be very time consuming for a volunteer.  DC also mentioned internships, and this is maybe something that we should liaise with the UHI on.  DC to take this on and liaise with contacts known to him.  
  Microgrant Applications
  Jog Scotland applied again this year for the Gala fun run medals and this was agreed to supply.    
6. Update – Community Groups
    Village Hall – No update.     Halls & Facilities Company (MHFC) Sports Hall Group –Billy MacGruer to approach Willie Gray for advice to move forward.  However, this has been preceded by an application by the Development Trust (MHFC) for funding to employ a Project Officer to undertake all duties involved.  A discussion took place on some of the issues facing the group and the involvement of the use of such a facility with HC departments such as the School for example.  With Tarradale on the list of 11 for a new school, GM updated that higher up this list would be Tain and St Clements school, so Tarradale will not be replaced in the near future but will be possibly in the next 5 years.  The new Chief Executive is from an education background and the HC is looking at other options to build new schools.  GM encouraged the CC to contact the Chief Executive to discuss the future plans for a new Primary School.  It might be of interest to speak to Highlife Highland also as they are running integrated leisure facilities alongside new schools.   This came about as the result of the Big Picture and it was requested for a range of sports, Lauren Reid asked what the requirement of the Sports Hall would be and what is strived towards would be a 3 badminton court size, multi-use gym area.  Jean Davis requested to be informed of the next meeting.  
  MA reported that at the recent MHFC AGM, three options for renaming the group were put forward as it was felt the current title does not reflect well what is does.  No consensus was agreed on the night so it has now been decided that the official name will not change, but informally that it will now be called the MOO Development Trust.  
  MA also advised that following issues with blocked toilets at the hall, it was discovered that the drains serving the building had collapsed. These were scheduled for replacement after this meeting to hopefully resolve the repeated issues.  
7. Update – Planning Issues
  Lochan Corr
  Ally Reid updated us on a chance meeting with a Transport Planning Officer, Ally was not filled with confidence as the Officer didn’t seem to be phased by the road change plans and the fact that the neighbouring properties were not alerted to this plan.  MA updated those present on the concerns raised around this planning application.  It was agreed by all present that although there are issues around the Tarradale junction that there was no way this road should change in the way that is proposed through the planning application and it was proposed by FM that an objection should go to HC Planning Dept to reflect this.  There was further discussion on safety issues and DC spoke to Alba Traffic Management about a report on the road.   It was the general opinion that there was no way this proposed plan should go through planning without the CC objection.  It was agreed that a letter of objection should be submitted and DC proposed GM to take this forward if CC opinion is not taken. After deliberation on Planning objection rulings it was agreed that FM do this as MA preferred not to.     Balvaird Road – Planned Development MC advised that the residents of Finlayson Court were concerned on this planning application as they believed the access was to come through Balvaird Terrace.  MA agreed to confirm access was off Balvaird Road and not through Balvaird Terrace as reported.    
8. Roads, Paths & Safety Issues JD asked that after the Muir Matters article was there a need to conduct a Facebook survey on chicanes in the village as a resident had mentioned his dislike of them, it was agreed the chicanes are serving there purpose therefore no need for survey.  
9. Community Action Alex Johannsen has covered certain spots of the village highlighting dog fouled areas with fluorescent spray, he wondered if we wished to continue this.  It has been a big success on the High Street with dog fouling noticeably reduced, it was suggested to continue and Alex to get recompenses for any expense incurred.  MA thanked Alex for his efforts and SM to order spray.  
10. Local Place Plan (a.k.a The Big Picture 2)
  Discussed earlier in the Meeting.  
11. AOB – No issues  
13. Date of Next Meeting
  Next Meeting is the AGM as well as our regular meeting to be held on Thursday 13th June 2019 @ 7.30 pm in the Hub, Muir of Ord.   
  The meeting finished at 9.40pm  


Ref Who Action When
1 Cllr AM To update if the MacDonald Bequest will be used to pay for the Tree Officers recommendations for the Urray Cemetery ASAP
2 Cllr AMK To check if there will be a replacement Street Sweeper in MOO ASAP
3 DC To investigate local printing options for the A5 CC newsletters ASAP
4 MA To publicise the new Police drop-in sessions when the first one starts ASAP
5 MA To make informal enquiries about the restoration of the core path on the old railway line –  when works complete. ASAP
6 Cllr GM To update on the reporting of the blocked gullies outside the school and on Balvaird Road to HC ASAP
7 MA / DC / FM MA to investigate sources of funding to replace damaged play equipment.  DC to contact Diageo.  FM to contact Tesco and Coop ASAP
8 DC To confirm the date of the next Business Breakfast ASAP
9 MA To liaise with PAS to find suitable dates to hold the Big Picture 2 consultation ASAP
10 MA Report of outcome of Volunteers Night – suggestions for Fairburn Windfarm Monies going forward ASAP