Muir of Ord Community Council meeting minutes 10th December 2020

Minutes of Muir of Ord Community Council

held virtually on Thursday 10th December 2020

In attendance: Frances MacGruer (FM) – Chair, Moira Chalmers (MC), Ally Reid (AR), Carol Blanchard (CB).

Guests – Cllr Margaret Paterson (MP)

  1. Welcome & Apologies:  FM welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies had been received from Cllr Graham Mackenzie (GM), Cllr Alister Mackinnon (AM), & Phillip Macrae (PM).

  • Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the meeting on 10th November had been previously circulated, and were proposed by MP, and seconded by MC.  Thanks expressed to SK for clear minutes.
  • Matters Arising:

 1. Discretionery Grant application for the Christmas lights – done. Full grant of £1428.00, FM expressed thanks to Councillors for this.  All lights should be on by Friday 11th December. FM is going to request sockets from Urray House and over the Bridge for 2021, and will take this up early in the new year.

2. Stephen Mackenzie is to chase up his auditor for the Treasurer’s paperwork.

3. Water accumulation & Potholes: FM to e-mail GM and ask him to continue to put pressure on to get these fixed. A few outwith the village (Balvattie Farm) have been done, but only with a temporary fix.

4.  Tarradale Hotel – shows slight improvement.

5. Dangerous trees along railway line – had been reported by MP but employees too busy removing dead trees at present. Council needs to ascertain as to whether the trees in question are on Council or Railway property.  MP to report back to next meeting.

6.  Vote of Thanks to Jo – done.

7. FM had spoken to Glen Ord distillery but is to contact the Maltings asking them to contact the haulage companies to stop heavy vehicles using the Black Isle road.

8. DC was to speak to Jason Hasson & Tracey (Head teacher at Tarradale School) re PPE at school – FM to e-mail DC as to progress.

FM reported grateful thanks to MC for organising the Christmas Meal, which was provided by the Red Poppy.  Over 85 meals were successfully handed out in one hour on Tuesday 9th Dec. The gesture made a lot of people very happy.  A couple of comments had been made as to why some OAPs had been missed out – but FM had explained that it was based on people that usually attended the Christmas Dinner, as that was the only full list available. Could not have done it for the entire OAP population in Muir of Ord.  The Hub is going to put out hampers, vouchers for afternoon tea etc, and the complainants would be included in that list.
Total bill was £807.50 for dinners, £91.47 for ladies’ wine, and 30 miniatures of Singleton Malt were donated by the Distillery.

  • Police Report – November 2020: Reports detailing crimes, offences, antisocial behaviour and other incidents of note dealt with between 12th Nov – 9th Dec were confirmed as follows:
Road Safety:9
Complaints of Driving standards1
No insurance1
Report of Abandoned Vehicle1
Drink Driving1
No valid MOT1
Anti Social Behaviour15
Non physical Domestic incidents1
General anti social issues7
Neighbourhood disputes1
Crimes/crimes of Dishonesty4
Shop thefts3
Theft from other premises1

               FM reported that Keith Linstead had been promoted, and his place on the Community team would be taken by       T/Ps Hector Macdonald from January 2021.

               Although the CC gets a monthly report, it would be good to have a representative at the Police meetings as   well.  MP will enquire if this is a possibility.

               It was reported that kids were taking eggs and then throwing them at cars and houses. MP was concerned some             were being taken from the Food Bank, and she would speak to Hannah at The Hub, suggesting eggs were not     included in the Bank.  Only one or two kids were responsible, but all the       children were getting tarred with the                same brush – boredom in the evenings was felt to be responsible.

  • Financial Report & Wind Farm Applications: No financial report available. However, FM has run out of cheques and is trying to get MC on to the list of signatories, and will e-mail non-attendees on the Council to see if anyone else (preferably a RBS account holder) is willing to be a signatory. 

FM had written a cheque to herself totalling £727 from the CC account to cover payments for fuel, the Christmas tree, Fairburn grant application, the sign at the War Memorial, SK for Minutes (Nov & Dec), and flowers for Jo.

6.            Square Project Plans update: Posters were done and are out. FM having problems getting it on to social      media, but AR happy to be added to Admin for FB page, and his daughter will help with items.  No further up date on      progress.

7.            OAP Christmas Meal – Funding Application:  £807.50 funded by the Highland Council Discretionery budget.  A               huge thank you was recorded to MP for her work in getting this grant approved.

8.            Christmas Lights: Already discussed above

9.            Bridge Landscape maintenance update:   FM will speak to DC to see what is happening.  Waiting to hear back             from Colin Howell regarding the transfer of funding to CC, then let him know final decision. AR reported        that the               plan was to get up to £7000, and the CC will then have to grass the area.  There was discrepancy in thoughts as to           how much money would be forthcoming (between £1500 & £7000), and FM to speak to DC about correct            amount.

10.         Planning Issues – Lochan Corr/Moorings applications:  No planning issues to hand

11.         A.O.B.: 

               1.CB reported further on the pothole issue, and the need to find out what is happening at the chicane on       the Black Isle road.

               2. AR reported that the lighting at the pedestrian crossing at the Scotia Homes is really bad, as you cannot see      anyone standing there waiting to cross the road.  The Zebra crossing at the school also has the same problem.  A        spotlight is required to shine down on both.  MP will find out who to contact regarding this matter.

12.         Date of Next Meeting:  A virtual meeting will be held on Thursday 11th February 2021 at                7.30 pm.