Muir of Ord Community Council meeting minutes 10th September 2020

Muir of Ord Community Council

Notes from Teams meeting Thursday 10th September 2020

In Attendance – Frances MacGruer (Chair), Ally Reid, Duncan Chisholm, Carol Blanchard, & Moira Chalmers & Phillip MacRae

Apologies – Margaret Jack and HC elected members.

Notes from previous meeting on 16th July agreed correct by all present and points discussed as below.

Matters Arising:

1. Investigate purchase of Xmas Lights £5,000 budget & email Stuart Bruce for the cost of replacement connectors on the lamp posts.

2. Urray Cemetry underway – Update to follow

3. To arrange for speed monitoring equipment Bridge/Seaforth Road, Great North Road – Cllr AM/CH

4. Contact Stephen MacKenzie for Treasurer paperwork – DC

5. Check issue with water accumulation Burma Road update – Cllr GM

6. Write to owner of Tarradale Car Park  to get area cleaned up – FM

7. Check Replacement Road Sweeper status – Cllr AM

8. Trees along railway Muir to Conon road – FM/AR

9. Tokens of thanks – FM

Police Report – as emailed by Keith Linstead (emailed to everyone), included update on Speed Check on Black Isle Road and Smiley Face to remain in situ. 

Lorries on Black Isle Road discussed still being used by some haulage firms, speak to Diageo to remind haulage firms on this.  FM to contact Amax Haulage by email.

Financial Report – Balance on account is £11,161.62,payment in from HC of annual grant £790.90.   Tarradale Friends application for £1500.00 to Fairburn Windfarm Account for PPE for staff, gain more information, invoices, discuss with Councillors how much PPEschools got.  DC to approach Julie Moran, Secretary for information.

Car Park Project – Full discussion on survey results, put these to HC and see what we can get for our money complying with survey results as best we can.  DC to arrange meeting with Bryan Stout, Di Agnew and elected members to see if we fulfil this project.

Vulcan Cottage Meeting – Behaviour of clients discussed with building owner Mark Peasnall, Jim Holden, Housing Officer and elected members.  Communication now open.

Urray Cemetery – Plans to make a Remembrance Garden are now underway, with grass seed sown.  HC plan to take some more trees down, thanks to all who have helped with this project.

Bridge Landscape – DC to make contact withColin Howell on this, just a mess and getting worse.  Might be an idea to approach Glen Ord Visitor Centre to see if we can come to some arrangement on grass cutting if the area is put under grass for them to display a sign.  FM to approach.

Lochan Corr/Moorings Development – No further action.

Next Meeting – no plans due to Covid Restrictions.