Muir of Ord Community Council meeting minutes 12th March 2020

Muir of Ord (Tarradale) Community Council


  The Muir Hub, Muir of Ord

Thursday 12th March 2020 @ 7.30 pm

Present:          Frances MacGruer (FM) – Interim Chair (also minuted meeting); Margaret Jack (MJ) – Treasurer; Carol Blanchard (CB); Ally Reid (AR) & Philip MacRae (PM)

Others:           Cllr Angela Maclean (AM); Andrew Patrick; Garry Clark & Willie Bell.

1.Appointment of a New Chair
 As there is no-one currently prepared to take on the position of Chair, FM offered her services in the interim until June, when hopefully one of the present members will be prepared to take over.  FM did feel that this was a backward step for the CC but was prepared to fill the post rather than it fold. MJ nominated this action and CB seconded this.  AM thanked FM for helping and expressed both her and Di Agnew (Ward Manager) support.  
2.Apologies for Absence & Welcome
 There were apologies from Moira Chalmers (MC); Duncan Chisholm (DC) & Cllr Alister Mackinnon (AMK); Cllr Graham MacKenzie (GM)   FM welcomed all those present to the meeting, especially the new faces always good to see.  
3.Minutes of Previous Meeting
 The minutes of the meeting on Thursday 13th February 2020 were proposed as a true reflection by AR and seconded by MJ.  With the addition of the name Andrew Hunter in item HGV Weight Restrictions which AM supplied.  
4.Matters Arising from Minutes  
 Restoration of path on the Burton Estate
 There was no update to report as Mike Atkinson was not present – C/F  
 Christmas Lights
 FM has been in touch with the supplier Blachere Illuminations. FM to continue to progress this with the budget available.  
 Electric Charge Points
 There was no update on this item as Mike Atkinson was not present, but now the HC are doing this work, Bryan Stout suggested that this is not suitable, as us much space as possible is needed for parking.  
 Great North Road Verge
 FM met with John Forbes, the Golf Club Manager and the club are keen to sort this issue but must be mindful of nearby houses that might be affected by stray golf balls if some protection is removed.  They will include this work in their winter tidy up.  FM will update at the next meeting.  
 Seaforth/Great North Road Junction
 This order was issued on 26th February for 6 weeks awaiting any objections.  It was mentioned that lorry activity has most definitely decreased but there was still an issue with the buses, AM to take this further.   Urray Cemetery Clean Up & Repairs No update from Hugh Gardner on this AM to chase up.  FM to co-ordinate clean up maybe May time liaise with AR/CB/DC on this.   War Memorial – Mortar No update AM to chase with Hugh Gardner.   Speed Monitoring – Bridge/Seaforth Road/Great North Road Junction No update AM to chase Colin Howell, Jane Bridge & Bryan Stout.   Square Development DC/AR received no further information from Bryan Stout, AM to chase.   Treasurer Transfer FM has emailed Stephen MacKenzie but no response, DC to try to get Finance Report.   VE Day – 75 DC has tried to contact churches will progress further.   Bus Route Change FM emailed Stagecoach, received generic reply.  Beauly CC to arrange info meeting and collation of route change complaint – FM to liaise.   Dingwall Medical Practice – Liaison Group Notify CB of next meeting to see if she can attend.   Corry Road – Repairs No update c/f GM   Black Isle Road – Manhole AR reported this to HC, it belongs to Scottish Water, he is still trying to get through to report it.   Water – Burma Road No update – c/f GM   Tarradale Hotel – Car Park FM still to do, update next meeting.   Replacement Road Sweeper No update – c/f AM     Highlighter Spray – Dog Poo No Update DC/FM to get in touch with Stephen MacKenzie.   Minutes Secretary Position filled Maxine Chappel to take over at next meeting.    
5.Police Report
 PC Maciver was not available, but had provided a report detailing crimes, offences, antisocial behaviour and other incidents of note dealt with between 12/02/2020 and 12/03/2020:   1 x Theft by Housebreaking1 x VandalismSeveral abandoned 999 calls1 x Domestic incidents4 x Anti-social behaviour 3 x Concern for person calls4 x theft by shoplifting 4 x Thefts2 x disturbance (not youth related)1 x Cybercrime6 x Road traffic offences   In addition the report stated: Firstly, apologies for being unable to attend tonight’s meeting, I am on nightshift this week.   We continue to see a reduction in numbers in most areas of criminality although there has been an increase in thefts.  Notably the housebreaking on the 18th February.  This enquiry is now being investigated by CID with positive lines of enquiry being actioned.   The Coop went through a brief period of being targeted by a small group.  3 x males have been charged for these and a large number of shoplifting offences across the North Highland area.   Anti-social behaviour calls are down to just 4 in a month period which is encouraging.   I note from Frances’ email that there have been issues at the skate park.  I have reviewed our systems and cannot locate any incident being reported to police.  If there has been damage could I please encourage the community to report this through the appropriate channels, 101, 999 or via Police Scotland’s website.  If we aren’t informed of incidents it is very hard for us to accurately record what has occurred and to where and when we are allocating resources that would afford us the best chance of catching those responsible.   Andrew Patrick also reported to the meeting on an incident that concerned him on his street with his neighbour, he was advised to contact the police and if he is alarmed in any way to call 999.  
6.Financial Report No financial report is available.  
7.Fairburn Wind Farm Micro Grant Applications
 There were no applications.  Discussion took place on the need for CC to have a representative on the Wind Farm panel as Jean Davis is no longer our representative.  These are 3 meetings a year which are now to take place electronically, it is imperative the CC is represented as we manage and administer the Micro Grant Fund.  CB offered to take this position on, FM thanked CB for this.
8.Urray Cemetry – Clean Up No further update – to discuss at the next meeting.  
 DC gave a brief introduction to the project advising that the community has been successful in gaining a £190,000 grant from the Town Centre Fund to improve the village square, by increasing parking spaces and making it an area that can be more useful for local events.  As it is not straightforward for the CC or the Community Association to manage the financial aspects of this project, HC will do this and the CC will act as Project Managers.   FM welcomed Bryan Stout, Principal Engineer at HC who is helping with the project to discuss the way forward. He advised that following an assessment of the drawings submitted some changes needed to be made to the plans to allow for emergency access to the school and a footpath along the back.  With these amendments the increase in parking is only two spaces to what there is now.  If the planter along the library wall is removed this could add more, but would add to the costs.  Those present were in agreement that this should be explored.  He suggested that it would be best to not include the electric hook up points as one will take up two parking spaces.   Following the discussion BS agreed to come up with a revised plan removing the planter, with less lock block and hopefully more space for parking.   He will also work with CH and Robin Pope at Community Services to look into the rules of funding this project to ensure that all the plans are compliant.   DC & AR will liaise with BS regarding this and report back to the CC when necessary with updates.  The deadline for spending this money is tight so progress will be made as quickly as possible.   CH advised that whatever happens with the development this is an HC adopted carpark and will be included in a review of parking charges taking place.  This may mean in the future that charges will apply for those parking in this area.   (after this item CH & BS left the meeting)  
9.Bridge Landscape Maintenance – No further update, update at next meeting.
10.Town Centre Fund Application (Car Park Project)
 There is no further update on this as previously discussed.  PM offered help to DC and AR on this with practical stuff, AR thanked PM for this.  AR commented that timescale would be tight if planning were to get involved AM commented that Julie Ferguson of planning agreed to this going ahead by email on 24th February as there was no change of use.  
11.VE Day 75 – As previously discussed DC to continue with contact on this.
  12.  Planning Issues  
 Lochan Corr (Ref: 18/05159/PIP)
 No further update.  AM commented that we should be receiving weekly lists by email, this has not been happening, AM to mention this to Di Agnew (Ward Manager)  
  13.  Update – Community Groups No update available.  
14.Roads, Paths & Safety Issues
        15.  CB reported that the trees lining the Muir of Ord to Conon road are quite unsafe with dead trees along the line of the railway, AM suggested to report this to the landowner, if this is unsuccessful then involve the HC.  Find out who owns the land.   Community Action
 There were no issues discussed.  
16.Local Place Plan (The Big Picture 2)
 There was no progress on this.  FM will speak to Mike Atkinson about this and see how it can be progressed.  
 FM to take this on and ask Hannah from the Hub with some help with it.  
 Jo Ellen & Jean Davis – Resignation
 FM suggested some flowers and a card to thank Jo for her service as Minute Secretary and a card of thanks to go to Jean Davis for her service, this was agreed both items proposed by FM and seconded by CB.  
 Village Clean Up
 Phyliss Holmes of the Coop had offered volunteer services to the village and it was suggested a clean up FM to discuss with Phyliss, Mike Atkinson and Hannah MacSween to get a date organised.  
18.Date of Next Meeting
 The next Meeting is to be held on Thursday 9th April 2020 @ 7.30 pm in the Hub, Muir of Ord.   
 The meeting finished at 8.50pm  


1MATo make informal enquiries about the restoration of the core path on the old railway line –  when works complete.ASAP
2FMTo investigate the cost of Christmas Lights with Blachere IlluminationASAP
3Cllr AM/DC/FM HGTo look into getting volunteers together to assist repairs at Urray Cemetery. HC to look into the spoil pile, unemptied bins and pot holes in the carparkASAP
4Cllr AM/HGTo check MOO War Memorial for weeds growing through the lime mortarASAP
5Cllr AM/CHTo arrange for speed monitoring equipment to be set up at the Bridge/ Seaforth Road/ Great North Road junction. To liaise with Jane Bridge & BS regarding this issueASAP
6CllrAM/DC/AR/BS/CHTo work together to come up with a new plan for the square and ensure that all necessary rules and regulations are adhered toASAP
7FM/DCTo contact Stephen Mackenzie to transfer the Treasurer paperwork to MJASAP
8DCTo investigate if there is support for a VE 75 Day event in the villageASAP
9FMStagecoach change of route complaint via the lead from Beauly CCASAP
10Cllr GMTo check if Corry Road will be re-tarred and if so how far – no update.ASAP
11ARDropped manhole cover Black Isle Road – report to Scottish WaterASAP
12Cllr GMTo check if the issue with water accumulation on Burma Road is being investigated – no update C/FASAP
13FMTo write to the owner of the carpark behind the Funeral Parlour to see if the area can be cleaned upASAP
14Cllr AMTo check if the replacement for the road sweeper has been progressedASAP
15DC/FMTo check if Stephen Mackenzie was able to source dog poo sprayASAP
16Cllr AMPlanning lists to be emailed to AR/FMASAP
17FM/ARLandowners of trees along railway Muir of Ord to CononASAP
18FMTokens of thanks to Jean Davis and Jo Ellen as per minutesASAP
19FMVillage clean up, speak to Phyliss, Mike & HannahASAP