Muir of Ord Community Council meeting minutes 16th July 2020

Muir of Ord Community Council

Notes from meeting Thursday 16th July 2020

In Attendance – Frances MacGruer (Chair), Ally Reid, Duncan Chisholm, Carol Blanchard, Margaret Jack & Moira Chalmers

Apologies – Phillip MacRae and HC elected members.

Minutes from previous meeting on 12th March proposed correct by Ally Reid and seconded by Carol Blanchard.

Matters Arising:

1. Path on Old Railway Line (MA) – Remove from action list

2. Investigate purchase of Xmas Lights £5,000 budget & email Stuart Bruce for the cost of replacement connectors on the lamp posts.

3. Urray Cemetry underway – Update to follow

4. Remove from action list.

5. C/F

6. Remove from action list

7. Contact Stephen MacKenzie for Treasurer paperwork – DC

8. Remove from action list.

9. Remove from action list.

10. Remove from action list – work completed.

11. Remove from action list – work completed.

12. C/F

13. C/F

14. C/F

15. C/F – with paperwork

16. Remove from list – AR now on list.

17. C/F

18. Tokens of thanks – FM

19. C/F – now taking place on 19th September.

Police Report – as emailed by Keith Linstead (emailed to everyone).

Financial Report – Discussion on account.  FM had discussion with Mike Atkinson on monies due on the BMX project to investigate further.   Tarradale Friends struggling to supply PPE to staff and children, encourage to apply to Fairburn Windfarm Account.  Pensioners Christmas Dinner – for this year if it goes ahead with Covid 19, maybe leave raising funds this year and CC to pay for Dinner outright.

Urray Cemetery – Good clean up underway, many thanks to Ally Reid for the supply of equipment, tractor, trailer etc. and of course to the volunteers, all doing a power of work.  Also to Tom Morrison of Easter Urray for allowing us to dump branches etc in old quarry.  Plans to make a Remembrance Garden are now underway with discussion taking place with Hugh Gardiner.  The gates have had a re-vamp by Ross Shire Engineering so big thanks to them also.

Bridge Landscape – Email Colin Howell on this, just a mess and getting worse.

Car Park Project – Get survey out to allresidents in the village, email Hannah for distribution maps.

Lochan Corr – No response from our local representatives, very disappointing if no reply, write to Margaret Davidson, expressing this.

AOB – Water at top of kerb, gully’s blocked again, Drill Hall and School.

Horses in housing schemes, discussed in full, CB to speak to neighbour who works at Chapelton Farm for advice on the avoidance of this.

Next Meeting – no plans due to Covid Restrictions.